Monday, August 17, 2009

excited about the prospect of having a dog again (and more animals)

As I am getting setup to live on my property, it is exciting to see the potential for applying what I am learning about a healthy lifestyle to the life of my animals as well. The classes and seminars I have been taking at Homestead have provided a lot of basics for understanding health from the ground up, literally, to plant, animal, and human. I just discovered on Dr Mercola's site, which I reference for human health, has also started an animal health site as well, mainly for dogs and cats. A lot of the same issues in the human health care system also applies in animal health and the veterinarian health care system. It is nice to see some of those trained in the system, able to see the weaknesses and speak out against the problems, and provide help for us as to how to best navigate through the system for true health.

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