Sunday, December 10, 2006

Congress WBN seminar in Houston

We have had a great training seminar here in Houston. Something Wladimir emphasized to us before was that we are developing our lives to release the life of God to others, so that as sponsors of this seminar we must always be ready to serve in any capacity so that God's Word impacts the lives of the participants of the seminar. The key is in the midst of our serving we must have our own hearts and ears open and receptive to hear and receive. As Jesus talked about "justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others." We must attend to the internal responsibilities of character without neglecting the external tasks. In Dallas recently, Dr Woodroffe related this to being Mr Stretch of the Fantastic 4. We must hang onto that which we already have AND reach beyond as we grow in the nature of Christ. This was definitely true for me during this time, learning to have the heart of Mary to hear the voice of Christ, while doing what needed to be done.
One personal application, I continued to receive concerning personal responsibility. I must discern my responsibility to impart God's life to those around me as God has given me responsibility, not be motivated by my needs nor what I expect of others. My life, who I am, is my responsibility before God. As I am faithful to properly steward my life before Him then He will give me responsibility to impact the lives of others, as well as the systems around me. We must see the honor and privilege it is to obey and serve God in any capacity but this requires that we hear Him first.