Monday, November 27, 2006


I went to the chiropractor today after not sleeping well the past few nights. I need to take better care of how I sleep and exercise to avoid these visits. Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't been in 2-3 years.
Since, I recently moved to Houston, I took a friend's recommendation and visited a chiropractor here. I was pleasantly surprised, Dr. Greene, D.C. is very focused, and apparently has been for years, on holistic care of the body, using proper nutrition for preventative care of the body. Here is his website:
He highly recommends MSM for joint care, which I have as well for many years, since my dog was helped greatly by MSM, along with glucosamine sulfate in his joint problems. Vets have long understood, better than human doctors, the importance of nutrition for proper health.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


My family definitely has had a lot for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving. We had lots of family from Texas come together in San Antonio to be with my niece who is a rehabilitation hospital here. When I arrived Wednesday, it was great to see my niece with her eyes open and smiling at me. She just seemed to stare and stare at me. I guess she was as glad to see me, as I was for her to be able to see me. The last I saw her was several weeks ago and she was not very alert at all, barely opening her eyes.
Thursday was a beautiful day and we had lots of food on tables setup outside the hospital. As Gordon, my brother-in-law, finished giving thanks everyone, INCLUDING Abby, said "AMEN". This was her first word since her accident about 7 weeks ago! :) She said a couple of more words later that day too. She continues to mouth more words and slowly getting stronger and more coordinated in her arms and legs. She has such a great attitude. Often when she will try to do something but her body will not apparently respond to her brain, she will laugh so hard making it even harder to do anything. (Have you ever laughed that hard that you loose your strength and coordination?) :-D
Please continue to pray for grace, strength, and wisdom for Abby, her parents, younger brother, and doctors for the physical redevelopment process and also beyond the physical, for hearing God's voice and seeing His eternal purpose. The link to my sister's daily updates blog is to the right listed under links.

Torreón México

Just briefly, some thoughts from the GLI seminar this past weekend. As sons of God, we are a holy nation and a royal priesthood; this means functioning in both realms, spiritual and natural. We are to interact with the people and systems of this world in such a way as to reflect the nature and character of God. This begins with our own lives being internally governed by God, personal responsibility for developing His principles and values in our lives, manifesting His nature and character of love, humility, purity, etc. As His law, truth operates in our own personal lives through love by His Spirit then the effect of God's life flows forth to impact the other systems around us, family, finances, community, business, civil government, etc.

Hello All

I have decided I would give this blogging a try. With all that has happened this past week I thought it was time.