Friday, September 21, 2007

Blaylock Wellness Report

I receive invitations to get a paid subscription to the Blaylock Wellness Report from the news service
I haven't subscribed but just the introductory invitations can be quite interesting. Here is one on the dangers of vaccines.
I have seen quite a bit of info on the dangers of vaccines at, too.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carlos Slim - Richest Man

Carlos Slim, of Mexico, see previous entry, Richest Men, has been promoted to the top spot as the richest man in the world. I continue to find it interesting. Here is one recent article about him. It talks about the conservative financial operations which he has instilled in his companies, borrowing very little, so that their level of business debt is amazingly low. Of their official operating principles, 'one tenet translates into English as follows: "Maintain austerity in prosperous times (in times when the cow is fat with milk); it accelerates corporate development and avoids the need for drastic change in times of crisis."' It also talks about how Mr. Slim has trained his sons to operate the businesses and presents a perspective of the less than positive side such as their operating and maintaining a monopoly. The article concludes with a quote by Carlos Sr, which I thought was insightful, "Many people want to leave a better world for their children," he told the crowd. "I'm trying to leave better children for my world."
It's not about the external arrangement of things, it is the internal character we build, in ourselves and others.

? for president

We as a nation must learn that civil government is not our savior, nor our big brother to "watch" over us. God has ordained us to rule by His principles, the Spirit of Christ within us. So, merely having external, civil, political reform is not the answer. Civil government is only an extension of the internal government within people. The problems seen in civil government are a manifestation of the lack of internal government by God's principles.

I started this blog entry as an endorsement of a candidate but as I wrote the above paragraph last, I decided maybe I should just make you think a little more, at least for right now. Because more important than having a president with these policies for the nation, is having a nation of people with the internal principles upon which these policies must be based. Here is a list of what I would consider a close to ideal list of policies for someone in political office. I'll just say that there is a candidate for president that fits it.
1. is pro-life, understands the value of life created by God
2. believes in limited civil government
3. will abolish the IRS
4. understands fiscal responsibility (watch out Federal Reserve!)
5. understands personal responsibility - and how that is applied on a national level, stop trying to police the world and force our way of life on them but through good will efforts help those who want it, clean up our own internal affairs first before trying to fix others
6. has an immigration policy which seems much more reasonable and workable, seal our borders to criminals and be inviting and consistent with those who want to come work
I could continue about his policies on other personal and national liberties, with respect to health care, privacy, property ownership, and national sovereignty. Having a proven track record of consistently working to implement these values during years of public and private service is also important.