Thursday, April 12, 2007

Richest Men

Very interesting news article I saw today. It talks about Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim has surpassed Warren Buffet as the second richest man in the world.
This article is interesting to me on a couple of points. I believe it is a huge, external indication of how God is realigning the great and the lowly in this world. I have heard it said that the USA will soon (10-50 years?) not be the economic leader of the world. Very soon the richest man in the world will not be based in the USA.
The final sentence in the article, Señor Slim talks about a difference in philosophy between himself and Warren Buffet; '"Our concept is more to accomplish and solve things, rather than giving — that is, not going around like Santa Claus," Slim said. "Poverty isn't solved with donations."'
This is so true but the welfare generation in the USA doesn't understand this yet. It makes me wonder what Carlos Slim understands will solve poverty; maybe developing internal principles, such as discipline, diligence, obedience to the voice of God?
I have just read another article in Spanish and it seems his philosophy may be more similar to Buffet's than the English article indicates. He talks about developing programs to solve people's problems, still not addressing internal character issues?