Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raising Goats

Here is an interesting article about a man raising goats.
It is encouraging to me right now, as I am having a hard time finding about 10 acres I can afford to buy to start my place. I might need to start a little smaller.

Here is an article about using goats to control brush. It has information about fencing, predator control, and goats per acre which I might find useful. "The percentage of brush cover and the number of acres need to be considered when determining stocking rate. One goat per acre per percent brush cover is a good minimum beginning rate." Of course, this is not completely accurate, since if the acreage has no brush, it could still support some level of goat grazing on the grass.
In their study, "Stock density ranged from a high of 3 to a low of 1.5 goats per acre." But yet they also say, "Stocking rate dropped to 0.5 goats per acre."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Global Cooling?

There is a lot of evidence to support global COOLING, NOT warming. Do the research, don't get caught in the political propaganda machine. Some theorize that the increase in temperature in the past 150 years is just part of the earth's normal cyclical warming and cooling trends. We don't even have exact temperature data except for about the past 100 years and even the quality of that data has issues.
Here's my link to some info I have found.