Monday, June 23, 2008

Florida trip - beautiful beaches

Last week I had a trip to Panama City, Florida for business training. Here are some pictures of my break to the beaches there. Beautiful white sand beaches -

I didn't expect to find Mexico Beach in Florida! ;)
Mexico Beach

I rented an economy car on the Internet and this is what I got!
My economy car!
(Not as economy as I would have liked, but it actually wasn't too bad, and it was fun ;-)

With beautiful beaches like this, I could be a beach bum! ;)
It is hard to believe that this is still the Gulf of Mexico - Galveston it is not!
This is probably the prettiest beaches I have seen - I haven't been to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mauritius, etc, so I don't claim to be an expert! ;)
St. Andrews State Recreation Area
Panama City Beach, FL

clear water with a beautiful blue reflection, it is hard to capture in one dimensional pictures
clear water
clear water 2