Friday, March 27, 2009

new streaming setup

The new XH-A1 HiDef Video Camera has been nice. We have also refined the whole setup, so here is a brief outline of it now.

Macintosh computer – current configuration:
Mac Mini (1.83GHz, 4GB RAM), monitor, keyboard, mouse
for video streaming - must be in mpeg-4 or Windows Media Player format
Soundflower (to stream audio from a video)
network card for Internet connection
web browser with Adobe Flash (Firefox and Safari work)

Streaming Setup
Connect camera
start CamTwist
- highlight Video Source
  • Webcam for live video
  • Movie for video
  • Desktop for PP presentation
  • Slide Show for pictures (can be exported from PP presentation)
- click Select or to add a second source, select PIP
  • to use PIP - can adjust the secondary picture in the main picture with the advanced window on the right – move it around with the black square, change size, etc
  • or just switch between the two sources
log in to
Click My Shows
Click Broadcast Now, under the My Shows menu, not the one above
  • Video Source – select CamTwist
  • Audio Source – normally is Built-in Input, for movies select Soundflower (2ch) and set the audio output in the Mac System Preferences to Soundflower (2ch), as well. Soundflower configuration info
Click Start Broadcast
Should see at least some green in the VU meter and avoid red
Can adjust quality with bars on right
Select Server Monitor to see what is being broadcast
To put text on the video screen, I.e. instead of streaming pp
Select Text & Videos
New Text Layer
Type in the text and click Add
Click Preview or Push on air
can move it around, change colors, fonts, etc
just type over to update what is on screen

Friday, March 20, 2009

dangers of artificial sweeteners

There are way too many chemicals in our processed foods today. One example is artificial sugar substitutes. One is aspartame. Here is a site talking about the dangers of it, I like the domain name:
Do a search on whatever artificial sweetener and you should come of with plenty of sites exposing the dangers and probably extolling its virtues. Consumers beware, be informed.
There are plenty of natural alternatives to sugar, such as stevia, honey, agave, and others. Even sugar in moderation is better than the artificial sweetener chemicals.