Thursday, January 3, 2008

vaccines - healthful or harmful?

This is the reason that I wrote the previous post. This is an article I found looking at vaccines and associated problems:

Here is another site with lots of info:

Do you still trust the systems of this world?

We must be alert to the motivations behind the operation of any system in which we put our trust. And of course, ultimately our trust must only rest in God. Any organization operated by men will tend to corruption. Jesus described this when talking about the rulers of the world exercise oppressive dominion over their people but that in the kinagdom of God it must not be so. When the righteous rule, the leaders are the servants of the people to empower them to function in God's purpose because the leaders operate uner God's authority and in His nature and the people rejoice.
So, in the systems of the world; whether political, legal, religious, the pharmaceutical/medical conglomerate, banking/monetary, if you are alert and educate yourself you will discern how the fundamental operations of the systems are built on wrong motivations, whether for money, power, influential control over people, etc.
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. We are not set free in Christ to be enslaved again to the wicked desires and mentalities of men. I am not talking about rebellion. I am talking about personal responsibility to walk in the character of Christ in EVERY area of our lives. This is not popular with the systems of the world.